Amazing Day For Business On Maui


This was what our day looked like today for the first eagles group get together business meeting! I hope that this will turn into a great mastermind group that will help push each other to greater heights. Our one of our guests from artofinterviews did an amazing presentation on the value of interviewing well. Both for business and job prospects. He has shared with us a great 9 great interview tips for talking to people on the phone. You can find a link to his material here.

Thanks for coming out today, I hope that tomorrow we will have even more great material to go over. Anthony Myers from Muscle Class is up tomorrow to teach us about your body and business. How keeping your body in tip top shape is essential for both your music, and for starting your record label.


Want to get your band noticed?

Hey are you looking to get your band noticed? Are you going to publisher to publisher striking out on your chances to nail a gig or label chance?

Check out ArtOfInterview’s Phone Interview Tips and find out how you can maximize your chances. They have amazing ideas for improving your charisma, confidence, and tact in an interview.

Singing well is not the end all be all to getting noticed anymore. You have to have the people skills as well.

Music Awards and Voting

Here are the top five music awards as determined by

  1. Rude
  2. Fancy
    Iggy Azalea Featuring Charli XCX
    The New Classic
  3. Stay With Me
    Sam Smith
    In the Lonely Hour
  4. Am I Wrong
    Nico & Vinz
    Am I Wrong?
  5. Problem
    Ariana Grande Featuring Iggy Azalea
    My Everything